The Parish Plan 2006 and Parish Plan Refresh 2011

Bucklebury's Parish Plan is our vision for the future. It sets out how we can improve the lives of everyone in Bucklebury whilst preserving the rural environment we enjoy. The documents below will tell you what we hope to achieve over the next few years in Bucklebury. We were one of the first communities in West Berkshire to prepare a Parish Plan and this was published in 2006.

To ensure that the Plan continued to reflect parishioners' wishes, a Refresh process was launched in June 2009. This involved a public Parish Consultation meeting, a communication and feedback event at the Chapel Row Fair, a Young Persons consultation with the pupils of Bucklebury Primary School and a feedback session with older parishioners held with the St Martin's Club. Two community questionnaires were developed, one for Adults and one for Young People. The replies received came from households representing about 40% of the population of Bucklebury. The Parish Plan Refresh report and action plan prepared from this feedback was adopted by West Berkshire Council in July 2011.

The Parish Plan 2006 and Parish Plan Refresh 2011 documents can be found below:-

The Action Plan

The Parish Plan with its associated action plan is linked to the West Berkshire Community Strategy. Bucklebury was asked to consider its needs and aspirations and publish an action plan under headings pre-defined by West Berkshire Council. The Parish Council reviews the Action Plan on an annual basis

The headings of the Action Plan are:-


A Safer Community Reducing anti-social behaviour, reducing speeding on roads, emergency planning.
A Prosperous Community Supporting the local economy, supporting businesses and employment in Bucklebury.
A Healthy Community e.g. how to foster a sense of place and of belonging to Bucklebury, improving health and well-being of local people and young people, promoting independence of vulnerable people.
A Greener Community Reducing our carbon footprint, reducing waste and increasing recycling, encouraging consumption of local produce, protection and increasing diversity of our local environment and wildlife
A Stronger Community Seeking to include everyone, fostering a sense of belonging and participation in Bucklebury life, providing similar life opportunities and accessible services for all.
Housing Enabling sufficient housing in Bucklebury to accommodate continued economic prosperity.
Children and Young People Enabling Bucklebury's young people to contribute and to ensure that they feel secure and safeguarded. Ensuring accessible services are available for young people.

Bucklebury Vision

Bucklebury Vision is part of the Parish Plan. It is Bucklebury's Parish Design Statement which sets out how we would like to see future development in the Parish evolve. Its status is that of Supplementary Planning Guide (SPG) and is recognized as such by West Berkshire Council. Bucklebury Vision is linked with the Parish Plan and the two documents should be seen as a single entity.