Barry Dickens BPC Chairman Burial Board Chairman, Chapel Row Patient Participation Group, Hockett Field & Bucklebury Meadows.
John Brims BPC Vice Chairman Planning Committee Chairman, Memorial Hall Committee, Victory Room Committee, Burial Board.
Tim Banks Hockett Field & Bucklebury Meadows, Web site.
Hilary Cairns West Berkshire Heritage Forum, Commons Advisory Committee, Footpaths, Playpark.
Lindy Clarke Victory Room Committee, West Berkshire Heritage Forum, Recreation Ground Committee, The Oaks.
Anne Hillerton Memorial Hall Committee, Hockett Field & Bucklebury Meadows, The Oaks, Playpark.
Peter Spours
Robin Ranken Flood Liaison.
Tim Slatford Hockett Field & Bucklebury Meadows Chairman, Commons Advisory Committee, Grit bins.
David Southgate West Berkshire Heritage Forum, Burial Board, Playpark.
Bernard Unamba-Oparah Recreation Ground Committee, The Oaks.


All Parish Councillors are also members of the Planning Committee.