Broadband Improvement Project

West Berkshire Council has now signed a contract with BT on behalf of all the Berkshire district councils to provide broadband speed and coverage improvement across Berkshire.

The expected outcome for Bucklebury Parish as a result of the Superfast Berkshire project is as follows:

There are 869 premises in Bucklebury Parish and the table below indicates the broadband coverage before and after the Superfast Berkshire project.

Bucklebury Parish Broadband Coverage

Basic Broadband (2 Mbit/s) Superfast Broadband (24 Mbits/s)
Before Project After Project Before Project After Project
# of premises % # of premises % # of premises % # of premises %
799 92% 869 100% 455 52% 588 68%


The results in the table are subject to survey from BT and may yet change.

The project will be delivered in 5 phases, planning will start in December 2013 and rollout should complete in September 2015. Bucklebury is currently scheduled to receive broadband upgrades in phases 4 and 5.

As the project rolls out, there will be regular project updates on the Superfast Berkshire website.

If you have any specific questions about the project please direct these to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

State of roads within the parish

Update from West Berkshire Council Highways & Transport

We can confirm that at present, we have 7 officers inspecting the highway network and 5 dedicated gangs carrying out temporary and permanent pothole repairs on a priority basis across the network. We are endeavouring to carry out permanent repairs instead of the more traditional temporary plugging repairs but it is fair to say that this winter's flood and snow events have not helped in this respect.

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Community spirit pushes charity fundraiser towards £50k target

When Bucklebury resident David Orme asked for team members to join his charity run in memory of his wife Jackie, who died of pancreatic cancer last year aged just 46, he hoped to enlist around twenty people. Three hundred people stepped forward and signed up.

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Bucklebury Calendar 2013

 The Bucklebury 2013 Calendar is now available for sale at the following local outlets:

      • Peaches Stores
      • The Cottage Inn
      • The Bladebone
      • Bucklebury Farm Park

Produced by Bucklebury Community Events and priced at £8.00 it features views of Bucklebury parish taken by parishioners.

All profits from sales of the calendar will go towards future parish events.  

Bucklebury Beerfest 2012

The 4th annual Bucklebury Beerfest turned out to be an amazing event – full sunshine on Saturday, 6th October, with rain on the days either side – how lucky was that!

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