Greening Bucklebury phase 1 update

Thank you very much for your interest in the Greening Bucklebury campaign.

I'm pleased to announce that we got a really good result from the Greening Bucklebury Phase 1 challenge cards that we distributed to each household and counted between 10th March and 25th March. The Greening Campaign organization have worked out the annual savings that the parishioners of Bucklebury have made by committing to do or by already doing at least 5 of the challenges on the challenge card.


In total we had responses from 109 households either as cards displayed or by email pledges. This represents responses from 12.8% (which is 1 in 8) of the households in our community.

As a result the estimated savings amounted to:

  • TOTAL CO2 SAVINGS: 61,680 kg/year
  • TOTAL WATER SAVINGS: 66,262 litres/year
  • TOTAL MONEY SAVED: £13,245 per year (which equates to £120 per year for each household)

Particularly encouraging is the total quantity of water saved. You will also be interested to know that the equivalent action to reduce our CO2 emissions by the same amount each year would be to plant over 6,000 trees!

All in all, a worthwhile result for Phase 1. Thank you to all those of you who took part.

The Greening Bucklebury workgroup are now starting to look to the future and think about what community projects we might launch later this year for Phase 2 of Greening Bucklebury. We will be asking you what you think are worthwhile projects for the community to organize and that you might support. Look out for the emails and in The Oaks for further updates.

Thank you for your support.

Peter Brook

Parish Plan - Greening Bucklebury Campaign