Victory Room

Victory Room

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Planning permission was granted in March 2020 for an extension and refurbishment of the Victory Room. The current building is now a century old and it is sadly showing its age. We want a hall fit for the next 100 years which can continue to serve the multigenerational needs of the parish, from children's parties, scouts, cubs, guides and junior football to art classes, adult parties, church and community events, and as the local polling station. The Trustee board want the facility to remain very much a parish one and have a strict lettings policy which will prevent its' overuse and becoming a nuisance to local residents. At the same time, we want it to be a more attractive venue for playing sport as it is adjacent to the only useable playing field.

The plans can be accessed from the links on this page. The application approves the part demolition of the Victory Room by removing the toilet block to the west, the removal of existing corrugated galvanised steel cladding and replacing with new plastic coated corrugated galvanised sheet and insulation. An extension will be built to the south and west will be clad in the same material and insulated to current day standards. 

This plan will deliver against all the objectives the trustees set out to achieve. It will retain the old ‘Tin Tabernacle’ look of the hall which many Parishioners preferred to a new hall. 

Investment is needed to secure the long-term future of the Victory Room and keep a pipeline of sporting cultural and social activity alive in the community - all within the confines of a building that is energy-efficient and future-proofed. Our fundraising has been successful to the extent we have raised £273k. This is a significant amount of money but we still welcome donations so that we can enhance the scheme as much as possible. The trustee board has been raising funds in conjunction with the Good Exchange which is run by the Greenham Common Trust.

The Good Exchange are still accepting donations until 31st January 2021 which are available for Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer.

The reference number is 11581 on their site

Alternatively you can donate directly to the Victory Room by sending a cheque (payable to "The Victory Room") to me or by bank transfer to our Development Account under sort code 40-34-12 account number 41574086. In order for us to claim Gift Aid please supply your name and address if you are a UK taxpayer.

John Clarke
Chair of the Trustees
The Old School House
Bucklebury Village
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The submitted plans are available below: