Bucklebury Parish Council has a statuary obligation to provide comments and recommendations on all planning applications within the Parish. Planning applications are received by the Parish Clerk and then every application is visited by at least two Parish Councillors.

Each application is reviewed against the Bucklebury Vision and other planning guidelines, and we will discuss the impact with neighbours and provide feedback to West Berkshire Council. 

Plans are discussed and reviewed at both the Parish Council and the Planning Committee meetings every 2 weeks (see the Parish Diary for the date of the next meeting). These are public meetings where you are welcome to present your views to the council. For details on the recommendations made by the Parish Council please review the relevant minutes.
If you have a planning application in progress and want to know when it will be discussed please contact the Parish Clerk.
All planning applications are available on the West Berkshire Council website. Because of the constant changing nature of the applications this is the best source for current information. 

Whilst we cannot offer advice on your proposed planning application we can help explain the guidelines we use when reviewing planning applications - any Parish Councillor will be willing to assist. Hopefully this will help you save time and money throughout the process.