Mobile and At Home Library Service

The Mobile Library visits Bucklebury every 3 weeks at All Saints’ Church, The Victory Room and Donnington Close, Chapel Row offering fiction, non-fiction, spoken word CDs and a large selection of large print books. Books can also be ordered and if held in any West Berkshire Library and there is no charge.

Use your existing West Berkshire Libraries membership card or join for free. Proof of address or photo ID will be required for new membership.

Tuesday (I Route)

Chapel Row Donnington Close
Bucklebury Village The Victory Room
Upper Bucklebury All Saints' Church

West Berkshire Libraries also offer members free access to newspapers and magazines via the PressReader app - see here for details.

Do you find it difficult to visit the mobile or local library, possibly because of age, disability or other special circumstance? If so, we may be able to bring the library service to you, in your own home.

Please contact us:

Phone 01635 519827

Phone 01635 519900

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