The Parish council voted to adopt the red telephone kiosk in Chapel Row in May 2011. The K6 or Jubilee design was designed by Gilbert Scott in 1935/6 to celebrate King George's Silver Jubilee, but was no longer used by the public and the telephone equipment had been removed by BT. For the princely sum of £1 the parish council bought the box and agreed to maintain it, and a small working party met to decide on its future.

It was decided that the kiosk should have a dual purpose. It would become a swap shop, initially for books, both for adults and children, but might also in future be used for other swaps, such as seeds, plants or excess fruit and vegetables. To this end, bookshelves were erected. Its second purpose was to act as a record of the important dates in Bucklebury's history, going back to its mention in the Domesday Book. All the panes of glass are now inscribed with dates and events throughout the ages and up to the present day.

On a sunny Sunday in May 2012, the Chapel Row Exchange was formally opened with speeches, songs and poems, followed by tea and cakes, and the first books were exchanged. Well over 100 parishioners attended.

The expectation is that customers should donate one book, and take one book out.